domingo, 12 de septiembre de 2010

Le Ciel Dans Une Chambre ( El cielo en una habitación)

Cuando estás a mi alrededor,
Esta sala ya no tiene paredes,
Pero sí los árboles, los árboles son infinitos,
Y cuando estás tan cerca de mí,
Es como si el techo,
no existiera, veo el cielo que espera por nosotros
para permanecer juntos,
Abandonado como si,
No hubiera nada más ni cualquier otra cosa en el mundo,
hay una armónica .. un órgano que toca para ti y para mi en este cielo infinito, para ti y para mi...

Cuando estés conmigo
Esta estrofa no tiene más muros
los árboles, los árboles van al infinito
Y cuando estás cerca de mí
Este límite, oscuro , no
Ya no existe, y veo un cielo encima de nosotros
Lo que nos sigue aquí, si abandonados lo que vendrá
No hay más obstaculos en el mundo,
Toca la armónica, aparece un órgano
toca para ti y para mi...
En esta inmensidad del cielo
Y lo hace para ti y para mi ...

lunes, 6 de septiembre de 2010

El mejor novio

Once upon a day I read a story about true love.
Back then I could not understand what means to love someone, but I promised I'll do everything
I can to take care and protect the only one I'll love forever
I wrote stories trying to figure out how to do this, many many years of thinking and dreaming,
of learning and failing, to try to understand.
So I learned about people, and people learned about me, but that was not the right way
to prepare myself for the future, for the future with my true love.
It was not too many years ago when I started to search for the meaning of true love in the right place, in God, the very escence of love, and in Jesus, the greatest and perfect manifestation of it
Just then I learned that love is not a feeling, but a decision, the most important decision I would make for the rest of my life.
I realized that to love somebody I'd have to love Jesus first
And among mistakes, fallings and raisings, I walked all this preparing myself for the one I'll really love.
But, nothing prepared me for what it came...
...I knew you, I fell in love with you, decided to love you, and only you forever, to be your partner for every day.
God give us to live here.
I was not prepared
I was not prepared at all.
I was not prepared at all.
Your beatiuful smile became a need for me, a need so deep that you can put me on my knees if you don't give it to me. So dangerous that it'd broke my hearth.
But, still, I wouldn't change that need for anythin.
I just love everything abaout you, love of my days, love of my dreams.

Lloré al volver a leerlo =(. Te amo.